WhatsApp Hack

WhatsApp Hack
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How to hack WhatsApp

If you are finding the answer to this question then the answer is yes it is possible to hack WhatsApp provided you have the right tools to accomplish the task.

However, WhatsApp is secure but again there is this risk of getting WhatsApp hacked. With so many software and tools available these days hacking is no more a difficult thing to perform. The best thing is that you don’t even need to be technical expert to hack apps like WhatsApp.

Yes, you can also hack WhatsApp without any knowledge of technology or programming.

whatsapp hack

Some methods that allow you to hack WhatsApp

  1. Online

Internet is the best source for the hackers to find the right tool to accomplish the task. There are several methods available on internet to hack WhatsApp and there are numerous links that the web researcher comes across while browsing. One who wishes to select the right solution will be request to provide the details of the number to be hacked like his/her mobile number. It just takes a couple of seconds and the information is displayed for the hacker.

This method is quite useful if you want to monitor your children activities and their secret involvement on apps. Also, if there is no sensitive objective behind hacking and it is just for fun this method is reliable. Note, if your internet connection is slow, it will take more time to display the results.

2. Spoofing method

This hacking method is certainly not an easy method. To use this method you need to be technically sound and carry out the process effectively. Here, the MAC device address is utilized to spy on any WhatsApp account and provides the facility to make use of same WhatsApp on a different phone with same MAC address. You just need t ensure that you have the details of the target device and this make it easy to spoof it to your device. 

This WhatsApp hacking method is a little complicated. This is reason why one needs to have technical knowledge. On needs to keep an eye on the MAC device address. You just need to just make a note of the targeted person device address and then spoof it on your phone.

In case of Android, you need to head to phone settings to monitor the status and pull out the Wi-Fi MAC address. In case of iPhone users, you need to head to general settings and then find Wi-Fi address. For blackberry users, head to the device and then status information and then to WLAN MAC address.


Hack WhatsApp Account with Phone Number

It is also possible to hack WhatsApp Account via answering Video Call

Yes, it may sound little weird whether whatsApp can be hacked via video call. But, it is true that WhatsApp can be hacked via video calls too.

Expert hackers can easily gain control over the phone remotely. The expert hackers simply make a video call using WhatsApp and user respond to it helps them hack their WhatsApp easily.


Reading someone’s Whatsapp messages without having their phone?

Via Transfer – WhatsApp through Google Drive Backup

Yet, another hack method to read someone else’s WhatsApp without accessing their phone is to transfer WhatsApp on Google Drive backup.

You must be aware of the fact that Google Drive backup stores all the multimedia files and messages to the user’s Google drive account.

Well, you need to carry out several steps to make use of Google drive to get WhatsApp messages.

Firstly, the device should be synced with Google drive. Next, the Google Play services should be already installed on the device.

Certainly, Google Drive account should contain some free space so that the entire WhatsApp data can be easily stored and the phone too needs to have free space to carry out backup

The steps given below can help you access someone else’s WhatsApp messages without accessing their phone via easy WhatsApp transfer WhatsApp through Google Drive Backup.

Firstly, carry out a backup of all the WhatsApp messages from the device on Google drive account.

Secondly, add the account to new phone which you will be using for carrying out a backup.

Make sure the phone number is similar to that of new phone

Now, Install WhatsApp application on smart phone, next you need to verify the phone number, and now restore messages from Google Drive.

Once the restoration process is over, click – Next and this will display all the messages, chats in front of you.

Once this is done, you can continue to restore media files too.


There conventional methods certainly aren’t the easy option for hacking and it takes you through several steps to perform hacking. But, to make hacking an easy process you can also buy some great hacking tools online that carry out most of the tasks automatically. It saves time and makes the process simpler. If you are ready to spend some money you can buy third party hacking tools, else you can spend some time to try out the conventional methods.

Indeed, hacking is not an ethical process to follow, but in some cases it becomes essential like to keep a close eye on the activities of your children etc.

On the other hand you should also not let your phone hacked by someone who may try to hack it to get your personal or professional information. In order to be safe against hackers, make sure you have a reliable antivirus on your smart phone, do not open some unknown links or even click them. They may be containing virus. Make sure you protect your phone using a PIN number/password/screen pattern.

Make sure you do not just give your phone to anyone. When it comes to hacking it can be harmful at times. So make sure you remain alert especially when you have sensitive data stored on your smart phone. Hackers are everywhere and hacking can be useful at times where the objective is ethical. It helps a lot at times, so can be used wherever it is required.